Program Branding

Postcard, Product, and Video advertising York University and Sheridan College's Program in Design


Graphic, Product, and Motion Designer


February to March 2019




Premier Pro

Laser Cutter

The project assigned was to design three postcards, a product, and video dedicated to advertising the York University and Sheridan College Joint Program in Design.



I wanted to express how the program allows a designer to choose an array of possible careers, and the freedom this provides. Along with this I wanted to express how the program in of itself is fun. 

This thought process brought me to the idea of toy kits. Inspired by Gundam kits, my postcards present a "build your own designer" type of narrative. Due to the fact that we were asked to design three, I was able to show different types of designers on each card, which expresses the freedom the program provides. 


I decided on a keychain as the product, since the design of the card was based off Gundam toy kits, I thought the idea would translate well onto this product.


Like the cards and product, I wanted the video to be fun and playful. I decided to stick with a simple concept with fun, quirky music.

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